Magdalena Sloatman

Magdalena Sloatman

CEO / President


Magdalena holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Admin with a concentration of Marketing from the University of Central Florida.  Awarded Magna Cum Laude, Dean’s List, certified in Entertainment Marketing, Project Management, and CPSP. Magdalena is furthering her education and is now attending Law School.




John K. Sloatman III

John K. Sloatman III

Chief Catalystt / Manager

Pelagic Warriors, Inc

Location – Hawaiian Islands

Pelagic Warriors is a recently organized, Kailua, Hawaii based charitable organization [501(c) 3 application pending. We give back to our Combat Veterans by teaching warriors the Art of Deep Sea Fishing.

John Sloatman, a 100% disabled Veteran U.S. Marine from Kailua, Hawaii, who fought in Vietnam War, was relaxing on the boat on the way in after a day of deep-sea fishing a few years ago, and the beautiful paradise and the open seas of Hawaii and majestic surroundings gave him an idea.

The open Hawaiian Waters are so powerfully magnificent,. The island scenery, both land, and water is so peaceful and majestic. It is considered one of the most healing places on earth. We started Pelagic Warriors, an organization that became an approved vendor for the Marine Corps Base Hawaii Wounded Warrior Battalion Hawaii Detachment. It has been in the works for several years. We and other members of the group – some of them also veterans – began working with military service members in Wounded Warrior Battalion Hawaii Detachment.

Wounded Warrior Battalion Hawaii Detachment provides rehabilitation, assistance, and support to U.S. Marine service members and veterans (and their families) who have sustained mild traumatic brain injury (TBI) and PTSD in the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq.

“Their work has been invaluable,” said Captain Ben Willkie U.S. NAVY, program director of Pelagic Warriors. “It has gone beyond anything we expected. It’s had an extraordinary impact on the lives of military service members and veterans. They befriend them, gain their trust, and allow them to experience things they’ve never experienced. They get them back into the community and provide an avenue for them to attain peace and tranquility.”

In 2014, Pelagic Warriors volunteers spent hours teaching participants to navigate a boat, boat safety, setup up of rods, reels, setting lines, and lures. We took them on nine fishing trips, as well. and caught plenty of fish for a feast.



Chief Catalyst at CreditZoom
Studies show that 79% of the US population have errors in their credit files. That’s 8 in 10 people who have errors. These errors can reduce your credit score. A lower score will cost you money on insurance, auto loans, mortgage, and credit cards, Higher Interest rates. It can have an effect on whether you get the job or maintain your security clearance.


1996 John DeVorak award for Outstanding Special Interest Web Site The Los Angeles Dodgers Web Site

honor dateMay 1996  honor issue winners for the 1996 Dvorak Telecommunications Excellence Awards

honor description accepting the award: Barry Stockhamer, VP Marketing, The Los Angeles Dodgers, and John K. Sloatman, Chief Operating Officer, and founder of Only Multimedia Network. The Los Angeles Dodgers National League baseball team hosts a Web site rich with content that pushes HTML to its limits. Designed by Only Multimedia Network, Inc. The site is fully interactive and animated, has many unique baseball graphics, color photographs and artwork, crisp sound, real-time audio and video broadcasts, and an intuitive user interface. The site has facilities for downloading all the plug-ins supported and setup instructions. Using the QuickTime VR plug-in, users can view Virtual Reality movies, navigate through VR scenes, and manipulate VR objects while viewing a Dodgers 3D Tour. Using EchoSpeech Audio plug-in users can hear real-time speech compressed over the Internet of various Dodger audio clips. Using the StreamWorks plug-in users can view the audio/video of live events at Dodger Stadium. There is a guest book and fan forum with various contests. The site’s key areas include Game Results and Information, Ticket Information, 106 Seasons Summary, Player Information, Baseball Around the Globe, Dodgers in the Community, Jackie Robinson, Press Releases, Nomomania, Chan Ho Park, Broadcast Information, Down on the Farm, Gift Shop, Multimedia Gallery, Dodger Publications and For Kids Only. Additional offerings include Exclusive Game Notes, Merchandise Specials, Dodgers News, a text version of the team’s Home and Road Schedule, the soundtrack of Vin Scully’s Game Recap, Baseball Poetry readings by Vin Scully, Tommy Lasorda and Rick Monday, and complete Minor League Box Scores.


After separating from the U.S. Marine Corps.  The government paid my way back to where I had joined Orlando Florida I went to work for Avis Rental Car and the John Harland Company. a check printing company and at the same time, I attended Valencia Junior College

 I served honorably in the U.S. Marine Corps from May of 1967 to Mar of 1970 on active duty and the reserves until May of 1972.  I completed boot camp basic training at Paris Island upon completion I was sent to Infantry Training Regiment ITR training at Camp Le June, Camp Gieger, North Carolina. In September of 1967 after completing the training I received orders to 27th Maine Regiment in Hawaii.  I was assigned to Delta Company 1st Battalion 27th Marines A garrison unit made up of all 17-year olds and season NCO’s most of who had just returned from Vietnam.  I became a rifleman MOS-0311. I did a little over one tour in Vietnam (18 months) with Delta Company 1st Battalion 27th Marines during the 1968 Tet Offensive, Several operations Including Operation Allen Brook. and in Kilo Company, 3rd Battalion 9th Marines. Many Operation including Operation Dewey Canyon. After returning home from Vietnam I was station at Marine Corps Air Station El Toro, California, Within a month I obtained orders to Headquarters U.S.Marine Corps Base Hawaii aka KMCAS a was assigned to Material. Soon after I started training to become an M.P. (Military Police).  Upon completion, I was assigned to Military Police Company Marine Corps Base Hawaii as an M.P. Patrolman.  I was then assigned to Non-Commissioned Officers (NCO) school when I received an early separation in March of 1970 due to extensive overseas duty.



 In 1972 I started flight training and obtained a commercial pilot certificate at Hawaii Air Academy in Honolulu, Hawaii. I finished after several years with an FAA Commercial Pilot Certificate with a single-engine, multi-engine, land, and Instrument Rating.  During my flight school in 1972, I went to work for ICA and Entertainment Company, owned and operated by my late brother in law Frank Zappa.  My position was personal security.  Later I became a sound technician and road manager.  In 1986 I became Frank Zappa and my sister Gail Zappa’s personal assistant.  When I wasn’t on the road with Frank I worked for Tycobrahe Sound Company and toured with many bands,  Bobby Womack, O Jay, Gladys Knight, Pointer Sisters, Ohio Players, NY Dolls, Poco Harem, The Guess Who, Fleetwood Mac, Blue Oyster Cult, KISS, Lenoard Skynyrd, Earth Wind & FireJourney, Hues Corp, Jackson Five, The Sylvers, Stevie Wonder, Deep Purple, Red Bone, Wolfman Jack, and many others.  My last tour was in 1989  with Frank Zappa The Broadway the Hardway Tour.